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Expectations, Policies, Game DAy Tips

Game Expectations

Our GOAL with each game is to compete, play hard, and learn. If we do that, then winning will take care of itself. Winning is not the goal but a byproduct of our hard work. When we lose, we focus on the positives and find a way to learn from the experience.



Parents Responsibility

  • No parents in the dugout or behind the dugout during gameplay
  • Cheer for your players, not against the other team.
  • Don’t coach from the stands
  • Make sure kids are prepared with their gear, safety equipment, and water
  • Leave the Umpires alone
  • Families are not required to sign up for snack duties. 
  • RSVP in GameChanger
  • Use GroupMe if you will be late or not going. 
  • Have fun watching your kid.


Player Responsibility

  • Come ready to compete
  • We don’t quit, regardless of the score
  • Have fun and be a good teammate
  • Cheer for your teammates, not against the other team
  • Respect officials, coaches, parents, and opponents. 
  • NO throwing or kicking equipment 
  • NO Bullying, NO Mocking
  • When we lose, we lose together, NO BLAMING. Instead, we find a way to learn from our loss. 


Play Time Policy

We will always try to play everyone in a tournament, but playtime is not guaranteed, nor may it always be equal. 

We have a 48-hour cooling-off policy for playtime complaints. We will not hear any complaints about playtime until 48-hours after the game in question. 

If you feel your player isn’t getting the playtime they deserve, please schedule an appointment with Thomas, Coach Gabe, or Coach Erika to discuss. 


Player Safety

Ensure your player has the proper safety equipment: Helmets, gloves, cups, etc. 

We follow strict pitch counts (baseaball). 

  • 8U – 12U Divisions
  • 40 pitches or less requires NO day off; 41+ requires one day off
  • 41 to 60 pitches – 1 day rest
  • 61-85 pitches – 2 days of rest
  • Maximum of 85 pitches in a single day
  • Maximum of 105 pitches over a 2 day period
  • Maximum of 125 pitches over a 3 day period
  • 13U – 18U Divisions
  • 40 pitches or less 0 days of rest
  • 41 to 60 pitches 1 day of rest
  • 61 – 85 pitches 2 days of rest
  • 86+ pitches 3 days of rest
  • Maximum of 105 pitches in a single day
  • Maximum of 125 pitches over a 2 day period
  • Maximum of 150 pitches in a single event

Players on the Bench

Stay in the game. Pickup teammates. Cheer. Learn. 

If you are assigned the spray chart or pitch count tracking, please take this responsibility seriously. 


Position Policy

Positions are not guaranteed. With the younger age groups, expect players to rotate spots. With the older teams, positions get dialed in a little more, and rotating positions may become less frequent. 

If you feel your player isn’t playing the position you think they should be playing, please schedule an appointment with Thomas, Coach Gabe or Coach Erika to discuss. 


Coaches Responsibility

  • Teach
  • No favoritism
  • Look out for player’s safety. This includes managing the player’s pitch count. 
  • Do not lose sight of our game goals. 


Tournament Day Tips

  • Large 10×10 tents: Team parents should coordinate the use of 10×10 tents. In some tournaments, it’s nice to have about 3 on hand. One for the players if the dugout isn’t covered, and 2 more for parents. They come in handy all season to combat rain and heat.
  • USE A WAGON!!! Super helpful to carry everything. 
  • Coaches will have first aid kits, but having extra bandaids and ice packs is always helpful. 
  • Be on time. Warmups are always an hour before the game unless the coach specifies otherwise. 
  • Heaters: Early-season tournaments can be cold. The use of propane heaters is recommended for both players and parents. 
  • Hand Warmers, Blankets, extra layers (Black or navy for players)
  • Extra Water: If you can bring extra water, you will need more than you think you need. 
  • Bench Chairs and Folding Chairs.
  • Towels if it is raining. 
  • Have both Turf shoes and Cleats on hand. We may not know the field type until we are there. 
  • Bring Healthy Snacks when you can 
  • Take breaks in between games when you can. 
  • Be flexible. Tournaments can be unpredictable, chaotic, and long. Schedules can be changed last minute, fields change, and late or early games are par for the course. Be ready to have to adjust on the f