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February 2024


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Game Expectations

With tournaments just around the corner, I wanted to put our policies, expectations, and recommendations in place to make the season more manageable for you. 


Game expectations

Our goal with each game is to compete, play hard, and learn. If we do that, then winning will take care of itself. Winning is not the goal but a byproduct of our hard work. When we lose, we focus on the positives and find a way to learn from the experience.


Parents Responsibility

No parents in the dugout or behind the dugout during gameplay

Cheer for your players, not against the other team.

Don’t coach from the stands

Make sure kids are prepared with their gear, safety equipment, and water

Leave the Umpires alone

Families are not required to sign up for snack duties. 

RSVP in Gamechanger

Relay through GroupMe if you will be late or not going. 

Have fun watching your kid.


Player Responsibility

Come ready to compete


We never quit, regardless of the score

Have fun and be a good teammate

Cheer for your teammates, not against the other team

Respect officials, coaches, parents, and opponents. 

NO throwing or kicking equipment 

NO Bullying, NO Mocking, NO Blaming 

When we lose, we lose together, NO BLAMING. Instead, we find a way to learn from our loss. 




Play Time

We will always try to play everyone in a tournament, but playtime is not guaranteed, nor may it always be equal. 

We have a 48-hour cooling-off period policy for playtime complaints. 

If you feel your player isn’t getting the playtime they deserve, please schedule an appointment with Thomas or Coach Gabe to discuss. 


Players on the Bench

Stay in the game. Pickup teammates. Cheer. Learn. 

If you are assigned the spray chart or pitch count tracking, please take this responsibility seriously. 



Positions are not guaranteed. With the younger age groups, expect players to rotate spots. With the older teams, positions get dialed in a little more, and rotating positions may become less frequent. 

If you feel your player isn’t playing the position you think they should be playing, please schedule an appointment with Thomas or Coach Gabe to discuss. 


Coaches Responsibility


No favoritism

Look out for players’ safety. This includes managing player’s pitch count. 

Do not lose sight of our goals. 


Tournament Day Tips

  1. Large 10×10 tents: Team parents should coordinate the use of 10×10 tents. In some tournaments, it’s nice to have about 3 on hand. One for the players if the dugout isn’t covered, and 2 more for parents. They come in handy all season to combat rain and heat.
  2. Be on time. Warmups are always an hour before the game unless the coach specifies otherwise. 
  3. Heaters: Earlier-season tournaments can be cold. The use of propane heaters are recommended for both players and parents. 
  4. Hand Warmers, Blankets, extra layers (Black or navy for players)
  5. Extra Water: If you can bring extra water, you will need more than you think you need. 
  6. Bench Chairs and Folding Chairs.
  7. Towels if it is raining. 
  8. Have both Turf shoes and Cleats on hand. We may not know the field type until we are there. 
  9. Healthy Snacks for your own child. 
  10. Take breaks in between games when you can. 
  11. Be flexible. Tournaments can be unpredictable, chaotic, and long. Schedule can be changed last minute, field changes, and late or early games are par for the course. Be ready to have to adjust on the fly.

Feb 10th & 11th

Teacherman Clinic

We still have a few spots open for our Teacherman Hitting Clinic. This is only for 12 and up. 


Richard Schenck, AKA Teacherman. Richard will be teaching his High Level Pattern Hitting Technique used by players like Aaron Judge & Kerry Carpenter. 

Spots are very limited so sign up today.

Learn more here: 

Private Strength training

Baseball is a demanding sport that requires a combination of speed, agility, power, and endurance. Strength training is an essential component that can make all the difference for a young athlete. 

For the 13U and up team members looking to improve their strength and overall health, Coach Calvin is running Strength Classes every Wednesday night. 

If any 16U Softball Players are interested please contact us through GroupMe and we an setup another date that doesn’t overlap with practice.

Classes can be booked from our app under the “class” section

COST: $25/session


We are starting to get some of the missing Prolook pants in. Those will be available to pick up during practice times.

Prolook is also in the process of exchanging the pants that did not fit properly.

Prolook has also given us the green light to reopen the store. This will be a shorter window than last time. So if any extra items are needed this is your opportunity. 



Some softball players have not ordered uniforms yet. To help give everyone more time, we will extend the closing date to Nov 22nd.


We are in the process of reopening the swag store. We are working on a warmer hoodie and some other options. Expect the store to be open in one or two weeks.


We will be opening up hat orders again this month. We are waiting for confirmation on how many of the backorder medium Game Hats will be available.


There has been some interest in NEW ERA hats; the vendor is working on seeing what they procure.

Nov & Thanksgiving Schedule Changes

No Practice / Facility Closed: Nov 23rd to the 25th.

NOV 22nd: Open Facility from 1000AM to 0400PM. NO PRACTICE


Due to a number of events on Friday evenings OPEN FACILITY ON FRIDAYS WILL CLOSE AT 0500PM. 

***POST-Thanksgiving Workout - Sunday NOV 26th - Parents Invited to Join***

Parents are welcome to join their player in working off those extra Thanksgiving calories. Nov 26th Workout Sunday will be regular times.

Lesson Times During Thanksgiving

Lessons and private training will be up to the individual instructors. Please contact your trainer to confirm times during the Thanksgiving Break.



A team photo day is in the works. This all hinges on all players having uniforms. We are aiming to do this in early Dec or after the holiday break in Jan. 

More details coming soon


Saturday indoor training (winter)

Just a quick reminder: Saturday Practices will be small groups through Nov and Dec.

You must sign up for spots on the TS App, under Classes. If you have any issues, please send us a message through GroupMe.

Catchers work on Saturdays: Coaches will inform catchers during the week if they can catch on Saturdays. We will try to relay that information through GroupMe as well.

Sunday Strength and Conditioning times remain the same.
Weekday practice times remain the same.
Monday Catchers practice remains at the same time.

Thank you for your patience while we shift things around. We will reevaluate in a few weeks and adjust as needed.